Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My kids

As the world turns my kids continue to grow faster than my mind can keep up with their changes.

Cameron is now 17 and has been driving for over a year now.  Good driver too.  Has a girlfriend named Brandi who lives 3 hours south :•O.  Oh my!  6'1" 192 lbs and plays middle line backer for his high school.  Senior this upcoming year.  A gentle giant.

Drew is now 15.. just received his learners permit in February.  Oh my!  He seems to be a good, slow, and cautious driver.  Still playing elite baseball and is quarterbacking the varsity football team next year as a sophomore!!  No girlfriends yet.  Just interested in sports so far.  :• )

Ellie is going to be 12 tomorrow... May 3.  She is a doll and FULL of personality.  She takes dance and hopes to make the dance team when she enters high school.  She is constantly dancing around the house and doing all kinds of twirls and high kicks.  I love it but her brothers.... not so much.  :• )

I've posted portraits I painted of all three of them when they were 5 years old.  Take a look and thanks for following my blog.  I know you have better more important things to do.




And this past Christmas:

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